We are with you every step of the way to help and assist, not just with inception of your policy or renewal of your policy but with claims procedure or general advice and assistance.

1. Will you tell me when my policy is due for renewal?

Certainly our renewal notices are issued 4 – 6 weeks prior to renewal date and this is followed by a reminder 7 days prior to renewal date.

2. Will my policy renew automatically?

No our Insurers prefer to give our clients the choice to renew and not automatically process payments as this could cause financial problems if the premium is not available.

3. Can my documents be posted to me?

All our documents can be either posted or sent via e-mail, also for your convenience you can access your documents on our website by logging in to your client account.

4. How can I pay for my policy?

We offer a number of ways to pay for your policy, this can be done online here via our secure website, we offer bank transfers, payment via the postal service, or for that personal touch you can contact our offices and a member of our staff will be happy to process over the telephone for you.

5. How long is the policy period?

This is displayed on policy, we offer 6 month and 12 month coverage.

1. Do moorings make a difference to an Insurer?

Yes moorings are very important to your policy coverage, always ensure you update your mooring details on your policy.

2. Can I keep my boat on dry land when not in use?

Yes this is not a problem and would be noted on your policy for you.

3. Should I have a survey done when buying a second hand boat?

In most circumstances our Insurers do not require a survey however for your peace of mind it is always advisable to obtain a survey to ensure your proposed purchase is conducive for its use, your safety at sea is the most important thing.

4. What type of survey should I have on my boat?

Most Surveyors offer various levels of survey from a full intense on land survey to an in water survey to save on the cost of having vessel lifted and stored on land.

5.What if I can't get insured for the whole trip?

Our Insurers offer world-wide coverage, all we need is your proposed 12 month cruising itinerary, however this can be changed at any point in policy period by contacting our offices.

6. Is boat insurance necessary?

Certain Marinas insist on at least third party liability, others do not require this, it is your decision as to the amount of coverage you require for your peace of mind.

7. Who can drive my boat?

You as the policy holder will be named on policy however any one can use your vessel with your permission, subject to age restrictions on speed boats, jet skis, local legislation etc.

8. Can I amend the total sum insured at any time?

You can adjust your coverage at any stage during policy period, you can increase cover or in some circumstances reduce cover.

9. Can I transfer the policy to the new owner when I sell my boat?

On the sale of a vessel the remaining policy can be transferred to the new owner or to a new vessel if you are planning on a purchase.

10. Can my boat insurance be in joint names?

Your policy would be in the names of the owners of the vessel as the owners have a financial interest, you can also have additional interest if you require further names on policy.

11. Can I add another boat to my insurance policy?

You can have up to five vessels on one policy, your policy would be issued with an endorsement showing the details of each vessel.

12. How do I cancel my policy?

This must be done in writing to ensure there are no errors in cover, you can e-mail, send via online chat of via the postal system.

13. Are there any types of boats you don't cover?

At this stage we have not found any vessels Insurers are not able to cover.

14. Is there a maximum number of passengers allowed to travel on the boat?

Your vessel will be subject to maximum passengers as per the manufacturers details.

15. Are there any restrictions on my cruising range?

Our Insurers offer world-wide cover, however your cruising range must always be updated with ourselves as this is a material fact that is displayed on your policy.

16. What is the limit on Third Party Liability?

This differs dependant on the country you are cruising and will be displayed on your policy.

17. Can I lend my boat to friends?

Your friends may use your vessel with your permission subject to age restrictions on speed boats, jet skis, local legislation etc.

18. I have changed my address and/or contact details

Please either contact our offices on the telephone numbers provided, drop us an e-mail or send via our online chat.

1. Initial Contact

In the event of a claim you will need to contact us either by phone or e-mail where we will send you a claim form, or to speed things up click the link below to complete the form on-line.

2. Why wont you talk to me on the phone?

Claims can potentially become problematic and contentious therefore in order to ensure an accurate record of all correspondence claims can only be dealt with by e-mail / post / or via your online messenger.

3. How long will my claim take?

This depends on the claim. A simple claim whre all of the required documents have been provided can be settled within 7 days. More complicated claims where we are waiting for documents and estimates can take a lot longer. The important thing here is if you are asked to provide information then please do so as quickly as possible.

4. Will somebody come to look at my boat?

This is not always the case but Insurers do have the right to inspect the vessel following a claim prior to any work being done on it.

5. What is my policy excess?

Policy excess / deductible is the amount you would pay in the event of a claim, before Insurers offer settlement. In some cases the policy ecess exceeds the cost of the claim and therefore no settlement is offered. In other cases the policy excess is deleted from the final settlement. In the case of Liability Claims the excess needs to be paid to the Insurer before they will deal with the claim.

6. What do I do if somebody damages my boat?

In the first instance you would claim directly against their insurance policy, this would save you your no claims bonus, which you would lose if you claimed on your policy and you would not have to pay your policy excess / deductable.

1. Telephone

Contact telephone number available during office hours, a member of our highly trained staff can personally deal with any queries you may have: USA 1-800-713-1270

2. Email

Via e-mail info@edwardwilliam.com we aim to repond by return during office hours.

3. Online

Via our online messaging service.

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