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    "Please extend our heartfelt thank you to the underwriters at Northern Reef for their kind consideration regarding the repair costs associated with the repairs to Cantamar V. It has been a long hard journey since Irma struck and having an understanding and fair insurance company and adjuster made the process a bit easier. Thank you to all involved."

    Sharon and Tom Buttermore
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    Hi Toni,
    How are you?
    Hope all's well in Europe and that the sunnier weather is finding its way there now?
    Thankfully, we believe the cyclones in our region are over for this year, but we had a few close calls. Luckily Fiji has a lot of very good hurricane holes, so we were able to tuck away any time we had a warning and remained safe.
    Oh & by the way, I was fortunate enough to meet Lisa Blair (the female solo circumnavigator of the Antarctic) recently at a Women's sailing event & I noticed that she had Edward William as a sponsor & she told me how the company came though for her when she was dismasted 1000 miles off Cape Town. I was very pleased to hear that! And thank you to you all there for supporting her. She's an amazing woman!"

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    "The removal of the vessel went extremely well and I would sincerely like to thank you personally as well as Northernreef, Edward William and the Maritime Recovery Group for all your efforts and a professional resolution to the situation that we all faced."

    Warren Russell

    Project Manager

    QM Properties

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    "Thank you very much for your swift response, I´m very happy with all the help your team gave me and with the ease of use of the internet page, I'm sure this can be the beginning of many years of cooperation."

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    "Hi Darren, Thank you so much for your email, we are so appreciative for the efficient response. I have attached the form as per your request and our bank details are below. Please let me know if you need further information. We will insure our new boat once we acquire it."

    Karen & Glen
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    "Thanks so much Michelle. You guys have been really great. Kind Regards"

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    "Thank you Toni i am glad to have you as the insurer, you are the best."

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    "Thanks for your help on this one, very happy to finally get insurance sorted for our boat, you came through with the goods when no one else would offer cover, much appreciated. If I know of other people with the same prediciment I will recommend your and Edward Williams services."

    Darren Brice & Michelle Nelson
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    "Our area had a big flood in April this year. None of our boats were damaged, but a privately owned boat at the same marina was extensively damaged and was also insured with Edward William. We were very pleased to hear that the people had no issues with the claim for this damage and received their payment very quickly. I always recommend your company when people ask me what insurance we have."

    Cheers Sandra
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    "Malcolm, Thank you and your team for your understanding during this most trying and stressful time. Over the last few months there have been some knockers of Northern Reef Insurance / Edward William and I will take great pleasure setting them right on the professional way this has been handled."

    "Scorpio is well known along the east Australian coast and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to all my sailing friends."

    Kevin James
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    "Thank you for a very efficient and prompt service."

    David Morris
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    "It most certainly has been a pleasure dealing with you people at 'Edward William Services' and, we live in hope that some day we might have the pleasure of doing so again."

    Harry Haynes
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    "The funds arrived in our account this morning. We will make sure everybody connected with our industry or that lives aboard a boat hears that you went the extra mile for us. Thank you again for everything you did on our behalf."

    Jo Dechant & Loren Fletcher
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    "Thank you and I am so impressed with the efficiency with this settelment."

    Brian Caulton
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    "As I have now sold my boat 'Maria Khristina' I have transferred my insurance to the new owner. I would like to let other owners know that, even though Spain based, your service and value for money is second to none. Your company paid out on a minor claim with breath-taking efficiency and no trouble. please use this recommendation in your publicity if you wish, I do not know why any UK boat owner would use anyone else...Yours Sincerely.."

    John Perfect
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    "We just wanted to THANK YOU for all your help, professionalism, proactive communications, guidance, direction and patience over the last few weeks. Edward William is just a great team and and a great organization. Thank goodness we have you as our insurance agents. Thank you once again for all your team's help over the last month. The funds that you transfered are in our account and we just wanted to say another big thank you. Your team is amazing. Yours Sincerely"

    Pamela & Graham Ellis
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    "Keep up the good work, our Island Cruising Assoc members certainly appreciate the hard work and excellent service you offer. Regards"

    John & Lyn Martin

    Directors Island Cruising Assoc.

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    "I’ve received my claim, I would just like to thank you for your help. I found your service excellent. Thank you very much"

    Paul Dolfin
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    "I have been using (and referrred friends to) Edward William for the some years. I never ceased to be pleasantly surprised at your efficiency. I really appreciate your assistance. If ever you are in Gibraltar please let me know. Best regards"

    Derek Pennington
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    "Thanks for all the help from yourself & the team in making this experience as simple and speedy as it has been. Much appreciated."

    Regards Frank
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    "Again, many, many thanks for your intervention on our behalf. It is very much appreciated. " "And please express our sincere appreciation to the folks at Northernreef for their very principled agreement to offer coverage despite Frank's absconding with the premium monies. This kind of gentlemanly way of doing business is only rarely encountered these days. "

    Alice Lesjak
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    "Thank you for your swift response to my claim I will accept the offered sum and my bank details are as follows....."

    Norman McColl
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    "We use them and they are excellent to deal with - no survey required, easily kept our boat in the water last winter for an increase in the excess, added extras to the policy this year (liferaft and others) at no extra premium."

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    "I am very happy with your quick response and I thank you for the exception you have made. Below you can find my bank details........."

    Lex Ruijter
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    "I recieved the policy. I am very appreciative of the way you handled my problem. It certainly speaks well of Northernreef."

    James Van Beckum
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    "I was very pleased with your answer last week as a solution for At Random."

    Romeyn Marten
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    "We want to thank you for your prompt and gracious method of dealing with this unfortunate situation. We are refreshed to see Northernreef Insurance has obvious good business practices, and we will be continuing our coverage in years to come. "

    Jim & Gwen Funston
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    "Thanks a lot for your quick response. I have just checked my account and I confirm safe receipt of the payment. Thanks a lot."

    Hervé Favre
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    "Once again I should like to express our gratitude for your prompt service."

    Julian Dimock